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Hawai‘i Pacific University Brand

We Look Closer.

We look closer when we understand that things are rarely as they first appear and that changing the world starts with changing our perspective. So we get up-close and personal with things, with everything. It’s a process of discovery that starts when we look closer.

Girl Running

We See Further.

We see further when we know that the journey to true understanding proceeds from looking closer to viewing the big picture. This proven process enables us to see how the pieces fit together to complete the puzzle. This is how we see further.

Chemistry Lab

We Do More.

We do more when we take action when we take education and our work as communicators into our own hands. In this way, in looking closer and seeing further, we learn and live to do more for our students, faculty and staff, alumni, and community partners.

Student Working in Courtroom

Sig Zane

We want our new visual elements to reflect our core mission, our core values and, importantly, our long-standing and deep ties to the ‘aina and our local culture. Legendary Hawaiian artist and storyteller Sig Zane developed a new logo – an image that is truly reflective of our institution and our ties to Hawai‘i.


HPU Brand Evolution
Sig Zane

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Brand Architecture

Who we are and how audiences see HPU are up to each of us, the University’s communicators. The pages that follow help us to speak in a unified voice and tone, and how to showcase our offerings using a consistent visual language.

Brand Launch

Who we are and how audiences see HPU are up to each of us, the University’s communicators. Although we have different stories to convey to different people, we must speak as one. But it’s more than what we say, it’s also what we show, how we present ourselves to the world.

Verbal Language

We have a unique story. How we tell it—our Verbal Language—is how we ensure that what we say is authentic to who we are.

Visual Language

We use imagery to dramatize and communicate our unique story.

Brand Evolution

A brand that relies just on creativity is like receiving a beautifully wrapped box with nothing inside. Strategy by itself is not public facing. It is not storytelling. It’s for us. Use it to find stories and to formulate our communications.


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